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All the things Ive done before this

They dont mean a thing

And all the words spoken before this

Wont be said again

Suddenly so much of me has

No need 2 pretend

Cause theres nothin like the truth

To bring her back to u

And everyone Ive met before this

Aint seen me with u

Angel, Angel, Angel,

Angel, My Angel, My Angel

Youre the only one who knows what I go through

Sometime u feel it even more than me baby

And I dont know how I ever got by without u

Theres nothing like the truth

When Youve got nothin left 2 lose

And every night I thank the universe that I found u

Angel My Angel My Angel

And I dont have 2 wonder

What the world thinks about me

Oh, I know youre in my corner

Youre always surrounding me

With your love baby

Oh, Angel, (Oohh)

And if we all explode

See we would never know

But I just hope the pieces of my soul

Reach out 2 u

2 find my angel

My Angel My Angel

Angel My Angel

My Angel


My Angel, Angel

Keep callin me

Angel, My Darling Angel

(Hidden "2 the Sky" Reprise)

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