Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas - The Great Unkown

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People are talkin' what u can't unknow

And what u wanted wasn't real at all

So many people neva cross that road

Starin' out the window of a combat zone


So just hold on, drivin' through the valley of the great unknown

Hopin' that the headlights shine u home

Everyone around u has a heart of stone

But u just hold on, u just hold on

(Verse 2)

People are talkin', but u can't be sure

So many whispers at ur own front door

And when u open up u lose that hope

Now u start to wonder if you're all alone



Remember walkin' when u thought u couldn't stand

Remember what it feels like

I know u think that they could neva understand

oh, but u don't want to be right

And now u only want to make it out alive


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