Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas - One Shot

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Everybody want to get high again and play it all night long

Everybody get a lil wild and then they turn and go back home

Well, I say 'Why? Why?'

Everybody, let's turn it up again, I want to hear that song

Then I'm goin' to fly like Superman, feelin' so far gone

So tonight, let's ride


We get one shot to get it right

We get one shot, so hold on tight

We get one shot, so let it ride

We get one shot to live your life

We get one shot to go all night

We get one shot, so let it ride

(Verse 2)

Everybody's got a lil luv to give, let's give it all we got

I don't want to feel all weighted down, let's hit it while it's hot

And burnin' bright, bright

I know you know exactly what I mean

Too fast, too slow, there ain't no in-between

So tonight, let's ride



I say we let it ride


I know everythin' could fall apart

We get one chance to make this kick-start

Turn on your light

Cos' we are made of stars

And I want to let it shine

(Verse 3)

Everybody goin' to be alright, I feel it in my bones

If it takes all night, I'm bleedin' water from this stone

So tonight, tonight

Let's ride


(Post-Chorus x3)

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