Regurgitator - 7'10''

rate me

Could I be 7 foot 10

Built like a bull then

Full of shit

And proud of it

I like to get funny with my 8 foot buddies

We spend money till our dicks get runny

Naughty looking mighty sporty

Mixing with a pissed fist there to escort me

Put away the beer dear o fucking dear

Et the night like a roman now we vomit fear

Like to give the men on the town some action jackson

For our satisfaction

You're gonna play hey cos we get disappointed

Don't be late this is a regular appointment

Just some suggestion answer the question

The question is... (x2)

Hey babe wanna get laid?

You don't have to answer I'll take you for granted

Don't you wanna fuck?

We're both fucking drunk

He's a fine looking bitch check out his tits

The ass the dick

Can I break you off some of my beef shtick

Yum yum-yum-yum

Cos I'm looking for a big cock that I can bite off

Acting like you're tough shit so you like it rough it ha

Better hope penis don't come between us

Kinda fucking smelly cos I never clean it

Tease me tease me tease me

Till I lose control

My eyes are on your hole

This is a dark place where we dilly dally

No turns to yes in the shadows of this alley

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