Reggie And The Full Effect

Like an urban legend, the stories surrounding the life of Reggie
always seem to be told by a friend of a friend. We always seem
to be within reaching distance of the man himself, only to have
a lead go dead and the chase left in shambles. Presented here,
is a brief summary of the most recent trials and tribulations of Reggie.

Little changed for Reggie following the release of "Promotional Copy" in 2000. The discovery of these recordings, much like its predecessor, did nothing to persuade Reggie out of self exile. He was a spent match, never to burn again. But in the spring of 2001, world famous tour promoter Welvis Tarn was booking shows for the Finnish dark metal band Common Denominator. The band's singer, Klaus, had spoken of wanting to perform again with his old friend Reggie, and so the wheels began to turn. Private investigators were called in, tips would wax and wane, and there seemed to be little evidence that Reggie could be found, but fate intervened. In Delmar, California to play a show, Common Denominator were scheduled to do a meet-and-greet with the winner of a chili dog eating contest. As the band arrived, they were informed that the winner would be arriving shortly, having consumed 37 chili dogs in under five minutes. When the door opened, the room was filled with stunned silence, as Reggie himself entered the room, wiping Uncle Blasto's Chili Dog Chili from his chin.

The next few months were a blur. Constant rehearsals, physical rehabilitation, and a strict diet of tacos and beer whipped Reggie back into shape. Surviving members of The Full Effect were contacted. And the voice, that great voice had only been improved by years of non stop smoking. Take that Surgeon General! By summer, the band was ready.

The resulting tour, dubbed the "Reggie And the Full Effect - Be Sure To Tip Your Pizza Guy - International Global World Tour", was electrifying. Many venues were overcrowded, forcing the band to sometimes play two and three times in one night. Guitars were destroyed, a Baldwin was assaulted, and motels were trashed. At the start of the European leg of the tour things began to go sour. In London, Common Denominator left the tour, unable to withstand Reggie's requirement that everyone watch Quantum Leap reruns before performing. In Berlin, The Full Effect walked out, two members having suffered concussions during one of Reggie's notorious "rage outs". Clearly, Reggie had fallen on hard times again, and old habits die hard. It all came to a head during a lobster eating contest in Paris. In a dispute over the results, Reggie violently attacked another contestant with a lobster claw, leaving the man with only three fingers. Not wanting to try Reggie in France, he was sent to Canada, under the order of some law I don't care to explain, and given 10 years to life in Nova Scotia State Prison.

While in prison, Reggie began studying Canadian history and became friends with a fellow prisoner named Paco. Paco taught Reggie the rules of prison, and would tell wild stories of the vast Canadian jungle. He would leave notes in the margins of Reggie's history books, and would always sign them, "With Love, Paco." But Reggie still had the drive to perform, to write. He had realized it was his role to make joy through music. Paco and Reggie, being model prisoners, were soon granted access to the prison's million dollar inmate recording studio and the first new Reggie And the Full Effect material in almost 20 years was soon being put to tape.

And here we are back in the present. The new Reggie And the Full Effect album is scheduled to be released February 18th. The record is full of Reggie's thoughts on love, loneliness, lobsters, Canadians, and Lionel Richie. There is even talk of a tour, maybe through a work release program. Only time will tell if Reggie can handle the magnitude of celebrity that awaits him, but as long as he has a chili dog, he'll be just fine.

-December 26, 2002