Ragnarok - In Nomine Satanas lyrics

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I was born in the shadows of darkness

I was born in a blackened chasm

I was born by an angel

:the angel of hell!!

Am I the son of Satan

Am I the source of evil

Am I the only one with horns?

Am I the lord of chaos?

IF I seek will I find my strength

Oh, Satan take me where I can find my will

I turn the cross towards hell

Give me thy benediction to destroy all holy

In your name...

Infernus spiritus Tiamat

In nomine Satanas

Nocternus spiritus marduk

Dominus spiritus Satan

Ego vos benedictio in nomine

Magni dei nostri satanas ave

Satanas domini inferni

I spread my wings and fly into the night again

And create confusion and chaos for my unholy immolation

In nomine dei nostri satanas

I raise my horns into the night again

Take my hand and fly with me into the flaming hell

Can you feel his pride upon us

Can you feel his strength are growing


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