It all started with a Norwegian band called THOTH, where Jontho Pantera played guitar and synth, and Jerv mastered the bass and did the backing vocals. The third person, Possessed Evil (drummer & main vocalist), caused huge problems for the band, and since none of the members had any faith in the band, they broke up shortly after recording their demo.

After the break-up of THOTH, Jontho P. and Jerv decided to start a two-man band, but, somehow, this didn't work out. Then in August 1994, a new era was to begin for Jontho and Jerv; together with "Rym" and "Thyme" they went and formed the band RAGNAROK. The line-up of this outfit was Jerv (bass), Jontho (drums), Thyme (vocals) and Rym (guitar).

Back in late August 1994, the first rehearsals of the band resulted in the composition of the following songs: "Pagan Land", "From The Darkest Deep", "Hammerens Slag" ("The Hammer's Strike"), "Et Vinterland I Nord" ("A Winter Land In The North") and "Ragnarok". And in February 1995, these songs were recorded as their debut demo called "Pagan Land". To promote the band, they decided to spread this demo to various labels, 'zines and radio stations around in Europe. Receiving lots of good feedback from interested labels, they chose to sign up with Head Not Found Records (after some convincing from Metalion).

Then in May 1995, the album "Nattferd" (which translates into something like "A Journey Through The Night") was recorded at X-Ray Studios in Sarpsborg (the hometown of drummer Jontho). In addition to containing material from the debut demo "Pagan Land", it had 4 new songs: "Age Of Pride", "Daudens Natt" ("Night Of Death"), "The Norse Winter Demon" and "Minner Om Svunne Tider" ("Memories Of A Forgotten Past") + outro. It was released in November 1995.

Time passed, and after a while, RAGNAROK wanted to change label. Head Not Found Records then came up with a better deal to make RAGNAROK stay on their label, which they did for 2 more albums.

Two years after the "Nattferd" album was released, RAGNAROK had composed a new album "Arising Realm". This album featured appearance - on synth - by Shagrath of the well-known DIMMU BORGIR band. Consisting of 10 songs + intro/outro, and some cover design by Cultoculus (of SHADOW DANCERS), it was released in May 1997. In just two months, RAGNAROK had sold 4000 copies of that album.

According to their contract deal with Head Not Found Records, RAGNAROK had to compose yet another album. So in January in the millennium-change, "Diabolical Age" was finally released after some delays. Being shorter (8 songs) and having faster drumming (amongst others), critics say that this is their most brutal and aggressive act so far. Yet, RAGNAROK have maintained some of the melodic elements which were traceable in their earlier recordings. As for the lyrics, one can easily see where the inspiration comes from (the devil himself?!).

After the recording of the album, Sander (from SHADOW DANCERS) was added as an additional guitarist. Then vocalist Thyme departed from the band, but fear not, for in Astaroth, they have found a new vocalist. It is also a possibility that Rym will leave RAGNAROK soon.

Though they are not seen on stage too often, they have done some gigs with bands like OLD MAN'S CHILD, SIEBENBÜRGEN, ATANATOS etc. They have also played at The Black Sun festival in Leipzig (Germany), and they are planning to take "Diabolical Age" on the road - a tour is set for early summer this year.

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/band/ragnarok/biography.html