Ragnarok - Certain Death lyrics

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It's silent and the ocean can tell

As no wind blows over it's surface

Something strange and rare is happening

Such silentness has never been felt

It's like the time stands still

And never have such earthly life forms

Felt such fear and thought so much

It's like the last thought of human race

And seconds after the nature

Gives it's sign of life and existance

But for the humans a certain death

The earth's surface quivers

And the water begins to stir

Winds of a strength which no man

Has ever believed existed

Waves high flows towards land

Thunder rumbles in the sky

While lightning strikes all over

From the centre of earth

Do enormous chinks open

And what's left of the human world

Falls down into the depths of darkness

While mountains high melts

And cover the last evidence of this age's flowers

After this everything is quiet

Only the cool breeze is left

To blow away the smoke

From the wasted landscapes

Everything of this age is buried

And becomes a secret that will never be known

It was malice and the only solution

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