1. Italian musician

Born in Margherita di Savoia, Italy on September 19, 1959, Raffaele Riefoli entered the music business in 1983, when his debut album “Self Control” was released as Raf. The album proved successful on the Italian charts, with two singles — “Change Your Mind” and “Hard” — performing very well. Almost five years later, Raf delivered his second album, “Svegliarsi un Anno Fa”, and 1989’s “Cosa Restera” followed quickly afterwards. Next to these, he released several albums, including:

  • 1991 Sogni…E’ Tutto Quello Che C’e
  • 1993 Cannibali
  • 1995 Manifesto
  • 1996 Collezione Temporanea
  • 1998 La Prova
  • 2001 Iperbole
  • 2004 Ouch
  • 2005 Tutto Raf
  • 2007 Passeggeri Distratti

He’s one of the most famous pop Italian musician in his nation for his love songs.

  1. RAF - Swedish avantgarde band

Released Ode to a Tractor in 1992.

Jonas Hellborg - bass Bill Laswell - bass Jamal Evans - keys Jens Johansson - keys Anders Johansson - drums Peter Brötzmann - sax

Music as moving pictorial art This is a series of musical paintings. They are political paintings reflecting a few visions of the world, on America (Stay Where You Are), on the horn of Africa (Land Of The Dead And Dying), on history and time in development (Buchla in Australia, Konkret).

These portraits will tell a tale of age, geography and ideology. How an idea or a set of ideas that is entirely relevant at a certain place and point in time can be so totally discredited by its own realization that when some generations have passed people refuse to identify with the name of that idea. A part of the idea might show up somewhere else and be accepted but our fickle regard for fashion and insensitivity to changes in cultural expression undoes a lot of the work performed by great human beings. This is largely a western culture problem where we constantly strive for “better”, “new”, “bigger” and “change by superficially repainting old expressions. What we are is the result of our life experience. That is all we can ever hope to express. Our art is our constant effort to try to formulate a language for that experience. I present you ten music paintings created by themselves through me and some gifted friends.

  1. RAF (Rap aus Freiburg) is a german rapcrew from Freiburg. (http://www.myspace.com/rafrapausfreiburg)

Source: http://www.last.fm/music/Raf/+wiki