Quo Vadis (Canada)

Quo Vadis (Canada) - Cadences Of Absonance (Point Of No Return II)

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Here I stand

On the shores of abandomnent,

Waves quietly at my feet.

All I see is venom!

Venom is all I see

Surrounding me!


Oddly it sooths (me),

Quiets my needs

New answers rush at me.

With hateful vengeance,

I throw my soul away,

Conclusions might as well

Be carved out in stone,

(In a) flash of clarity

From exiled sanity-

My mute witness and detested consort

With singularity of my purpose

It quiets my mind!!!

Sinful ecstasy feeds my skin!!!!

As I throw my soul away!!!

Twisted logic of foul play.

Here I stand of sound body and foul mind

Composing my manifesto of silence.

A twisted requiem by the mute for the deaf.

A lunatics symphony of absonance

Discordant cadences of a chaotic mind.

It quiets my mind!

Sinful ecstasy feeds my skin!!!!

As I throw my soul away!

Twisted logic of foul play.

I threaten the universe with murder and rape

In hope of obtaining some sort of reaction.

Lucidity purged

(By) fever (thick with) hate, chaos, deceit and other peoples pain

Here I stand throwing fists at the sky

Ready to claw back

What is rightfully mine

Amidst the ignorance of the sillborn world about me.

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