Quo Vadis (Canada)

Quo Vadis, originally comprising of Arie Itman, Bart Frydrychowicz and Yanic Bercier, first formed as a cover band back in 1992. Their musical backgrounds were wide and unique, ranging from thrash and speed metal through hard rock, power metal and classical. With the first five songs ready by the end of 1994, the band completed their line-up with the addition of Remy Beauchamp on bass (1995) and laid down tracks for their first self titled demo to be released later that year. With the band roster now complete, Quo Vadis began performing bigger shows, attracting attention from underground radio and North American zines. Mixing unconventional song arrangements with guest vocalist Sebrina Lipari's classically trained soprano, Quo Vadis stood its ground at the time when Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse reigned supreme. As one zine put it: "...expert soprano and rough growl run parallel in beastly beauty above light acoustic-like measures." (Ill Literature)
Year 1996 saw the release of the band's first full-length album. Financed by the band and engineered by Pierre Remillard, Forever "…managed to accomplish something that 90% of technical Death Metal bands lack... melody." (Worm Gear) Adding Arie's violin skills to two of the songs proved not only to be a novel idea for the local Canadian scene, but also a major attraction at live shows offering an unexpected counter point to the band's adrenaline filled live performances. The combined mix of skilled musicianship, intelligent lyrics and tasteful artwork began to pay off as Quo Vadis started building up a loyal fan base. Together with numerous compilations and licensing of the album to EarthAD Records in Germany and Immortal Records in Poland, the band's music was brought to the international scene and formed the foundation for Quo Vadis' growing appeal.

Year 1999 saw the band signing with Hypnotic Records and working again with Pierre Remillard for their second full-length recording. The guys went back to their metal roots unleashing eleven blistering tracks of pure energy between June and September of that year. The new album, Day Into Night, is the band's best work yet, expressing a wide range of feelings and emotions. The songs show mature writing skills, technical drumming and competent soloing. With powerful guitar riffs, thundering double bass and cover artwork provided by internationally respected Sv Bell, the release of Day Into Night in year 2000 should be the catalyst to propel Quo Vadis into the midst of the international metal scene. And with Arie's recent acceptance as a student of Alex Skolnick, former lead guitarist of Testament, the future looks bright indeed.

Source: http://www.quovadis.qc.ca/eng/biography.html