Quinta Estación, La

La Quinta Estación (Spanish for "The Fifth Season", a play on the fact that there are only four seasons of the year: winter, spring, summer and fall, hence: La Quinta Estación; often spelled La 5ª Estación) were a Spanish pop/rock band composed of two musicians from Madrid: Natalia Jiménez (lead singer and harmonica) and Ángel Reyero (guitar). Pablo Domínguez (2001–2008) (guitar and bass) was the third member until his recent split (Now in Varsovia).
The band originated in Madrid with six members but the remaining three relocated to Mexico in 2001 after recording their first album Primera toma ("Take #1").

The first album of La Quinta Estación became popular in Mexico because one of the songs (¿Dónde Irán?, "Where will they go?") was chosen as theme song for Clase 406, one of the most popular telenovelas of Televisa in 2002. After touring the country to promote their album, they decided to stay permanently. In the same year, they performed Voy a pasármelo bien ("I'm going to have a good time") in the tribute-album to Hombres G and Si yo fuera mujer ("If I were a woman") for the soundtrack of Dame tu cuerpo, a Mexican film starred by Rafael Sánchez Navarro and Luis María Zetina.

In February 2004, the band released their second album Flores de Alquiler ("Leased Flowers") produced entirely in Mexico. The first single was El Sol No Regresa ("The Sun Doesn't Return") a rock song that begins with mariachi trumpets. This song talks about someone who attempts to drink away their heartbreak. The title line of the chorus translates to, "after several tequilas, the clouds go away but the sun doesn't come back". This song, as said by the band, is a tribute they made to Mexican people for being the start point of their careers.

Their second single Algo Más ("Something More", written by Natalia) talks about a feeling the author says is not love but it is "something more" that fulfills her and it is stronger than "distance, pain and nostalgia". The video for this song was recorded at a bar in the Historic District of Mexico City.