QUICKBOURN is the collaboration of the two Hamburg musicians Thomas Kirschler and Christian Meyer-Pedersen (adMeyer) who met at a band session in 2006. As different as their musical backgrounds may be they soon dicovered common grounds of which their songs give a true reflection.

The musical roots of Thomas Kirschler (born 1959) were inevitably situated in the 1970ies and have been influenced by the great hard rock bands of their time like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or the American band Montrose. Furthermore progbands like YES or ELP. By the end of the 70ies there were bands like HEART or musicians like Jay Ferguson. Considerable influence on his guitarplay had doubtlessly R. Blackmore on the one side and R. Derringer on the other. "Luckily none of them took over, so that a personal and unique style was able to evolve", says Kirschler.

From the mid 1980ies until the end of the 90ies all of his musical activities were stopped for the sake of family and children. By the end of the 90ies Thomas Kirschler encountered bands like Spocks Beard or Porcupine Tree, kindling anew the desire for starting music projects. In 2004 the first songs were published under the band name of ROADSTUFF - current album 12 TIME AGE.