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Quest For Camelot movie - Ruber

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Song by Gary Oldman<br /><br>

Camelot ! Let's go back to war and violence<br>

I'm so bored with peace and SILENCE !<br>

Nights of evil, filled with fear<br>

Your worst dream, that's my idea of fun !<br>

Let darkness find it's sad ways;<br>

Let's go back to good old bad days<br>

No more foolish acts of kindness<br>

Arthur and his kingdom will be mine !<br>

Years from now, no one will bother<br>

To recall your good King Arthur<br>

Because all of this will be mine !<br>

This will all be mine !<br>

I have a plan; it includes you<br>

You, Juliana, will lead me to Camelot<br>

Where I will claim all this is mine<br>

In the back of your wagons, my men will all hide<br>

You'll sit up front as the gates open wide<br>

Now watch me create my mechanical army with pride !<br>

With this potion I bought from some witches<br>

A drop on this chicken;<br>

And watch as it switches into a weapon<br>

That I can use at will.<br>

Now this chicken can kill !<br>

Ta-dah ! Behold:<br>

A blade beak !<br>

Stand right up and enter quickly;<br>

I'll transform the meek and sickly into iron men with hands of steel.<br>

Yes, into the water ! Quickly ! Now, go, you fools !<br>

Next stand up straight, now ! Move it along !<br>

No, no, no, no, no, that's no good !<br>

Prepare for the dawning of a new age:<br>

The Ruberian age !<br>

Year One !<br>


Choral Chant:<br>

(Bring on the darkness, bring on the gloom,<br>

We are the army of death and gloom)<br>

(Bring on the darkness, bring on the gloom,<br>

We are the army of death and gloom)<br>

Choral Chant continues:<br>

Only one will be revered,<br>

Worshipped, hated, loved, and feared !<br>

I'd just like to say a few words:<br>

I, me, mine !<br>

You were mistaken if you believed<br>

Ruber was someone who'd crumble and leave<br>

Now I am back, and I will be staying this time !<br>


End Choral Chant:<br>

I told you once<br>

I told you twice !<br>

Everything you see before you<br>

Every last bit of it will...<br>


mine !!!<br>


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