Q-Tip - Won't Trade lyrics

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Now that I know what is boy

For your epitaph niggers

Laugh, tricks that he gassed your ass

Siphon and not your cash

Seeing the door in a flash

While I stay enclosed

Walkin’ out my clothes she said,

I was waitin for nothing

You’re mother f**king right

Walking this shit every night

Fin this shit? Hold it tight

rina filma on my sleeve??

Even when I have to leave

Cooler than even in the breeze

Do you believe

I was waiting for nothin’

The one division leader

In the rebound new group of shorties

Off the post, goin’ coast to coast

She on the hard ones, sub him out the game she sayin’

“naw, he good, I mean”

I was waitin for nothing

For no amount of dough

Franchise this man

Give him all the things you can

Think long term plans even bringin in the fans

Front page magazine, listen to this lady scream

I was waitin’ for nothing

Cause she know what’s better her top and

Now a beckon on the flu

Like a runnin’ with the nicest nigger

kinda sorta ??

When he’s singing just to slaughter no matter the quarter

I was waitin’ for nothing

The club house king

batting practice Slugger swing,

game time same thing

When I’m in about a minute

Holdin’ the bat, as good as fat

She’s out the park and comin back she’s saying

I was waitin for nothing

And for ray you say you get it good

If you were the ball player at all

And the famous fall inevitably will make a call

Hangin’ memorabilia from you walls

This is why you can’t trade me

I was waitin for nothing

Now that I know what is boy

You can bet your money on a sure thing

Certain profit’s what it brings

Ceremonies of the ringer in the white house wing

Clear your mantle, the trophies I bring, do you wanna trade?

I was waitin for nothing

‘Cause in the air? there’s a teammate you’re lookin’ for

back-shoot and aughter ball??

Leaves it all on the floor

Always lookin’ to score

Pep talks in the locker room

This is why you sing this tune

I was waitin for nothing

And then you reach Can’t make me sit out

I go ‘til you get out

Her ball no get out

An all night get-down

I train for the pressure

They come all-thresha

Equipped for the game

you know my name, it makes me better

I cheer for the whole team

Let’s go for the whole thing

The ballads that you’re holding

And repeat whole thing

And I represent the sentiment yeah allo team

And you say

I was waitin for nothing

The physical ability with mental capability

Legitimately faces me aside of your vicinity

And I ain’t really seein’ me

Vacating this community I’m staying in

I was waitin for nothing

I’m glad that you feel this way,

Here is where I like to play

Need to hear it everyday

They cheer for me, say “Olay!”

Wait a minute, “Andale?”

I don&amp;#8217;t know, well anyway.. <br />

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