Q-Tip - Go Hard lyrics

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now picture this a man wit his whole thing in order

movin through life at will he ill

he make his own teeth growl wit his generous style

but he still no joke wit his wisdom and smile

givin pounds all around no need to act foolish

enjoy the time no need to get toolish

i spit it out wit the general feelin that

once u vibe wit it then you keep on comin back

the north south and east and the west

wanna see which crew can do it the best

Is it the North, where people drink juice and Smirnoff?

Girls go hard but they lips stay soft

the west where cats throw jets to play

smokin green all day keep a loked out sway

east..side..the hustle get real

pretty young things with their mass appeal

or the south where thugs keep gold in their mouth

big ol' girls with their thang hangin' out

whatever it is I hope you evolve

we gon push it to my level let the G evolve come on

[Chorus: Q-Tip]

Go..go at..go at it hard..real hard


everybody take note to your man and ya'll

and I will take note to the grand

it's venomous I mean the way they hate

they can't wait for my to mize me meet my great but

no attention I give them no light

niggas gotta know that I go through mics

go through walls with sounds and speakers with real drives

You can't fuck this nigga from Tribe a yo

I put my mind to the work in here

and make sure that all of ya can understand

that I don't do bitch, I don't do tricks

I stay doing beats while you stay layin' bricks

I do do the things that keep me from the rest

and I do that well if I do suggest yo

put your hands on your system and feel me out

or put your hand on your money and hold your cloud

the indoor seat of lady galor seas

she get touched once and she'll never divorce me

hey clear your brain as I implimate raw thoughts

you shouldn't be aware that I don't get off course

stayin' steady on it niggas ain't ready for it

flourin' it hard with A.J. Pettite on it

a noble's face and I'm doing my pace

makin' sure all my conrads get a true taste

what?.. a good shit and I'm ringing your memory

we goin' hard yo and that's how it need to be

so wake up and take that sleep outcha eyes my friend

here's the mot-to in your ear hear this again


heavy hitters knockin shit out the park

you didn't even really play tell me why did you start

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