Punchline - Da Cipha Interlude

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(feat. Cobra Red, Planet Asia, Guilty & Phil Da Agony)


Check it, yo

My presence is, overshadowin, we spit different

Your album's like a bad stock tip, I lose interest

I'ma kinda nice, keep your distance

You beg to differ, that's sicker

Somethin my mindframe can't picture

For 'Pac I pour liquor, in peace may you rest

If only the best rappers die then I know that I'm next

Never impressed; lyrically, shittin on crews

I rhyme first, what makes you think they checkin for you?

[Cobra Red]

So you wanna battle? Cobra gets vindictive, you ain't heard?

Stomp a nigga face out, watch his teeth make love to the curb

Can't say a word, he's layin there emotionless

His head similar to a grape, crushed from a wine press

Oh what a mess, don't stain the sheer Gucci dress

Curse me when (??) steps in your presence

You can't do nothin less, but respect the na-na

Known to chop you into pieces like chefs at Benihana, uhh!

[Planet Asia]

Yeah, uh-huh uh-huh, uh-huh; yo..

Rockin it raw, exactly who I'm rockin this for

I'm rockin this for, Lyricist Lounge, hip-hop and that's all

No stoppin there's more, droppin this so cop this in the stores

Heard they needed a interlude, so I just had to record

a couple of bars of punishment, to show y'all niggaz who's runnin shit

Songs of scorn, I squeeze a fist and crush buildings

and touch millions, man women plus children

Villains and such, "Life as it Is" the LP about to touch billions

[Guilty: Consequence & Menace]

You don't wanna go bar for bar with these wild +Coyotes+

that'll turn the spot +Ugly+ if you out of line homey

Cause y'all niggaz done had your time to shine, spittin your game

Now that shit is gon' change dawg when Guilty bang

You need to really stop reachin like it's somethin top secret

when we all know that the only thing you pop is Pop Secret

Yo the game is in me, these cats tried to bang it in me

The way these fools actin they deservin an Emmy

[Phil Da Agony]

Uhh, yeah

Y'all should get your act together, and get motivated

My album highly anticipated, one of the greatest

A long drawn out victory

History with no mystery, it was so sick of me

to drop concepts, buildin up the reps

Ideas sparked the mind of my peers, get you in gear

Confident, in my confidant, ruler renaissance

Tour de France, drink liquor for launch

Carte blanche wherever I go, never repetitive flow

Platin more seeds and watchin 'em grow

Yo, yo.. [fades out]

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