With 3 albums and a U.S. tour under their belts, Punchline has managed to stir up a strong following of loyal fans that they like to call “Punchkids.” Since their formation in the summer of ’97, the band’s popularity has been steadily increasing and does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. Since releasing their latest CD - “Major Motion Picture” - in late July, the band had sold over 2000 copies and has racked up over 72,000 downloads on their mp3.com site. None of this has been handed to Punchline - everything that the band has accomplished over the past four and a half years has been from their own hard work. Everything that the band has released has been self-financed. Their hard work, dedication, and success have gone unnoticed by just about every record label out there, but not by their fans. This past October the band played its first headlining show at Club Laga in Pittsburgh(after being a consummate opener for years) to an eruption of 700 screaming fans that knew every last word to their songs. Punchline has not only watched their following grow in Pittsburgh. With their rigorous weekend and summer touring, Punchline has noticed a steady increase in their draw throughout PA and neighboring states. Although the band is thrilled at the success that they have had, they are hungry for more. This burning desire can be seen in their high-energy live performances. As a band they are not happy until every person in the room is at least smiling with approval. To say that Punchline is a band full of passion for what they do is an understatement. As a band they vow to conquer the rock world and they won’t stop until they have. This is why just six months after the release of “Major Motion Picture”, they returned to the studio to record "The Rewind EP" which will be released in May 2002. They realize that success is not going to come them, and they have go out and make their own. That's why beginning in June 2002, the band will be on tour full-time for as long as it takes for every single person who could possibly like them to hear them. So look for Punchline in a town near you, and if you haven't heard them yet, chances are you soon will... Check out what is in store for Punchline in the future by going to www.mp3.com/thepunchline and checking out their brand new mp3, "Stop", from their upcoming Rewind EP.

Source: http://www.punchkids.com/main.html