Psychopathic Rydas

The Psychopathic Rydas are not on Psychopathic Records. They are signed onto Joe and Joey Records. The Rydas steal all of their beats off of other rappers such as Outkast, Shaggy, Ice Cube, Cypress Hil, Snoop Sogg, Ghetto Boys and many others. It's not that these niggaz don't have the skills to make beats, they're just str8 up lunatics that don't give a fuck! If the other rappers find out that their beats were stolen, and try to sue 'Joe and Joey Records", they won't get any $$$. Joe and Joey records has no money what so-ever. ICP has just made up the record label so they can release the bootleg CD's in stores.

If your into big rap cliques like "Cash money Millionares" and "The No-Limit Soldiers", Psychopathic Rydas are for you! The Rydas are a tight-knit group of rappers that stick together like a family. They often rap about Pullin' Gats, Peelin' Caps, Smokin Dope', and Busting Skulls, oh yea, and don't forget the Ryda Hata's!

The Psychopathic Rydas bring together the wickedness of Psychopathic Records,and the ghetto heart dead body of "Blaze Ya Dead Homie", and former Member "Myzery" Twin Gats used to be in Psychopathic Rydas up until early 2001. Twin Gats did good on "Dumpin'", but He just felt like doing different shit, some say he left the country, well really, he just got some skins and made more music. thats about it.