PRINCE - Peach

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Uh-oh here she come<br>She got them gold hot pants on again<br>Yeah man<br>I wanna talk, but I dunno<br><br>She's a peach<br><br>She was dark, she was tan<br>She made me glad to be a man<br>She was young, she was smart<br>Just one glance and she stole my heart<br>The kinda girl you wanna teach<br><br>She's a peach<br><br>Summertime, feelin' fine, getting wild<br>All that's on my mind<br>Here she come, dressed in red<br>Get her done, is all that's in my head<br>Her hot pants can't hide her cheeks<br><br>She's a peach<br><br>She was pure, every ounce<br>I was sure, when her titties bounced<br>Every way, she's a winner<br>Turn a gay preacher to a sinner<br>No one you want your mama meet<br><br>She's a peach<br><br>This is a girl plays hard 2 get<br><br>I would die if I kissed her<br>I would try, but I'm last on her list<br>She's so cool and I'm so ugly<br>I'd be a fool, to think she could love me<br>This kinda girl's always out of reach<br><br>She's a peach<br><br>Peach<br><br>Fuck with that

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