PRINCE - Hot summer

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Oooooh hot summer

Hot summer eyayee

Ooh hot summer

Hot summer eyayee

Hot summer eyayee

Anybody close enough to hear

Knows what we been listening to all year

These are the days people told me to fear

But as long as I got your ear

I think it's gonna be...

Hot summer

Just wait and see

Hot summer


As long as you're my company

See the people gathered all around

Dancing to a futuristical sound

Some of them are teachers some are clowns

All these ever hugging about (?!)

Because it's gonna be...




Everybody's got a favorite friend

They got your back no matter what to the end

Ain't got no place for God or got a whole lot of Ben (?!)

Why is life always a mystery

It will be whatever it will be

It all depends on what you think you see

You I don't know, but me

I think it's gonna be...<br />

<br />

Thanks to adriana

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