PRINCE - Funky Music

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(I like funky music)

(I like funky music)

(I like funky music)

(I like funky music)

Everybody get on the floor

We got the groove U feel in your soul

When U're good 'n' funky, U can say U know

Dance 2 the funky music, come on


If U ain't got no partner U can use your hair

Shake it like a hooker, baby, I don't care

Whatever U do, U got 2 make the people stare

Dance 2 the funky music, yeah


This beat I got is specially designed (Specially designed)

2 make U lose your phone number 2 somebody fine

The nastier U get, the funkier we got

My claim 2 fame is scandal, baby, and I ain't here 2 stop (Ow!)

(I like funky music)

(I like funky music)

I didn't come 2 trample on what U think is cool

I just wanna hip U 2 a brand new groove

If U like your funky mellow, this ain't 4 U

Dance 2 the funky music, shoo-bed-ooh!


Uh-huh (Uh!)

Uh, uh, uh-huh

Uh, uh-huh

Uh, uh, uh-huh

Yo, the time has come once again 2 send

A dance groove that won't end

Don't pretend that your feet is tired

And grab my hand girlfriend

And move it, baby, move it

I know U can do it

Move it, baby, move it

I know U can do it, come on

I said come on

{Repeat CHORUS in BG till end}

Now let me tell U somethin'

Huh, lookin' so good on the floor

Make me wanna get 2 know U better

And dancin' all up next 2 U

Is a feeling I can feel 4ever

Being 2gether and doing what's clever

And been so hard 2 stop it, uh

I know no one could top it

Huh, yeah

This groove is funky

Huh, yeah

Yo N.P.G. – drop it!

Huh, say what?

Huh, huh, say what?

Say, say what? Uh, uh, uh

Say, say, say what? Huh, uh, uh, uh

Yo, enough respect goes 2 The Artist and the N.P.G. crew

And the whole New York and Uptown

And across the country massive

Big up yourselves cuz it's comin' at cha loud

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