Plies - Up Da Road

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Can’t let these crackers send me up the road

Send me up the road


I won’t lie, stay focused

Can’t let these crackers send me up the road

Send me up the road

Keep my clique small, all soul

Can’t let these crackers send me up the road

Send me up the road

They won’t gonna meet with anybody ain’t supposed to

And you ain’t sliding with the clique if I ain’t known you

I only fuck with certain niggas, only chosen few

And being friendly with a bitch, that I ain’t known to do

They see me cracking, turn home boy? I guess they don't

They seen some of the realest niggers turn from real to soft

Walk life, that's the only way I'm known to walk

Bitch, I will rave black killers, so they are known to talk

And what most niggers do when I is closing in

See that shit a hundred times, nigger, turn on their friend

Got niggers telling lies, trying to shorten their biz

Fuck niggers in the County, in the State and the Feds


I tell these niggers all the time, you can't finess a finesser

Always trying to keep my distance from a whole ass nigger

The way you loose focus, I'd hum end up in the system

Love money like you do, but bitch I also impress with it

Shit may seem complicated, but this shit real simple

These crackers owe some money, shit

They trying to hide a nigger

If they ain't serving nigger before

Then they ain't serving a nigger

Call my phone, talking stupid,

Call that note they been listening

Understand, we still the same from way back in the day

If you spread your self esteem, you wind up in the maze

Most people that you meet ain't got some whole ass ways

If your as sin the game, you have to know how to play


Niggers ask me why I don't smile,

'cause this shit ain't no game

And why I'm always riding dolo,

'cause this shit ain't the same

Too many niggers turn south

It's too many the night

And if I ever let you do me

I'm the one I gon'blame

Impared ass niggers do everything

That they hear

That's why I don't stop and talk to niggers

I just speak and I deal

Stand on point, mandatory,

'cause tomorrow you'll slip

Keep the niggers off your game


If everybody claim real,

'cause some real shit happens

Everybody hollar snake,

'till they get right on crackers

If I ever loose the road

It's gon'be cause of me

Expect nothing off these niggers

So keep it real with me

That's why


Thanks to bria for correcting these lyrics

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