Plies - Sex You Up

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Feat. Trina, Super J & Young Star

I wanna sex you up

I wanna sex you up

I’ve been picturing you naked on the table

In a blanket saying: take it, take it

Also spontaneous, you back up and try to break it, break it

I’ll take my time

Cause this right here is sacred, sacred

Baby we’re making history , and no one can erase it ,no ,no

Girl you know it feels real good

We can do it ‘til we both wake-up

Girl you know I’m heart on you

And this is what I’ll do

I wanna sex you up

I wanna sex you up

The oussy smells like cherry

Leave it the fuck alone

First ting bitch

I’m here to open a locker

I swear to God

I don’t want to shoot everything

She don’t suck it

She don’t swlalow it

I don’t want it man

Keep the refrigerator if you wanna tell

Baby I’mma get you down

I’m the same nigga travelling out the bando

I take it proud 1.12

I’mma fuck you

I wanna sex you up

I wanna sex you up

He likes to play one,real shit pussy clean

Heard your nigga wants a rock star

Tell him stop fucking with the foolery

Put the money in the track hoe

And I would let you hold this

But it’s 10 thousand for the bag dough

Could have killed him with the rag shots

So she went ahead to get the last shots

These fake bitches can’t deal me

100 % a nigga passes out

Pass out, pass out

She set the heels on spazz out

And I still need a ring

Either when these hoes still claim I be the queen

I wanna sex you up

I wanna sex you up

Hold up

Young store and Billy dog

Women are wet like i’m trying to bring Billy, though

Really though

I’m just trying to SYU

And get blamed form a girl with a best IQ

It’s stil llife

I call it nitro

We hit groupies and then leave them like typos

Yeah your girls said that I’m the best

Cause I sex a chick’s soul out of flesh

Oh yes, oh yes

I wanna sex you up

I wanna sex you up

Oh yeah

Hold up

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