Plies - PD Ft. Gucci Mane

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You’re a real tall glass of water

Just lookin at you make methirsty, thirsty

Oh Lordy she the preacher's daughter

plus that I want her in the worst way

She shouldnt came here in the first place, her birthday

I swear to God I’m glad I got her.. come blow the candles out baybay

Ok, ok, and im up..ok, ok glamorous, ok, ok she the preacher daughter

What I’ma get I stop, ok, see ain’t going nowhere cause i dun beat her up

ok, hook her on the first shot, Kareem Abduhl-Jabbar ok, I let her play... i just play the...

She jus hit my cell why? cuz she dun left her bra

ok, I, I, I, I got a ... got her wit her shorts on lookin at her vajayo

drivin wit my fingers crossed hope i dont go to hell

I, I, I, I, I got her rollin

I, I, I got her usin...


She’s like a devil in a red dress

I wanna get her wit my essence

and plus i want ya...

but she was flirtin gettin too fresh

she the preacher daughter on the altar

but i spoil her like her father

i school her like a toddler

she wear gucci so dont botha

i go harder and grind harder

im rock hard and she lovin my persona

the aroma, kush ammonia

is wat she smell and i cant keep my hands off her


Red plus she bow legged

her cherry no...

caught her on the fifth yea

but laid her on sixth

one thing i can say about her

shawty take a stick

she was greener than a muh fucka

i got her talkin slick

she get it from her mama

all in her ear

i luv walkin behind her so i can see her twist

i think i hit her kidney the last time i ripped

i felt kinda bad tho so I left her a tip

her becky on steroids thats lil mama gift

she dnt like to drink it strong tho so i just let her sip

it was 4 oclock n the mornin

the liquor had me stiff

but thats my lil baby she kno how to make a ...


Thanks to Mallori for correcting these lyrics

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