Plies - Pants Hang Low

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Let my pants hang low (hang low), I'm from the hood and how that shit go, I let my pants hang low (hang low), so u better not play with my doe, kuz

If u do four four (four four), I'm from the hood and that's how shit go, I let my pants hang low (hang low), I'm from the hood and that's how shit go nigga

[Verse 1:]

I'm from the home of the goons city of the choppas, u ain't bout that life u don't want no problems, if u sweet and u know it fuck it gone rob ya,

No straight yoppas fuck with no revovler,

Real street niggas need a real good lawyer last 2 cases bought both charges, in the hood a couple rules that u must follow,

If u don't then slugs in your body, want my paper get my shawty, hustle all day tryna ride big body, been with 3

Dopeboys hood call em garbage, will I still fuck her I don't know yeah probably,

Just a hood nigga with a lot of swag shawty, who I hang with the most probably my 40, been labeled a goon that's what the hood call me,

Stay in the hood til I die homie that's regardless



Say I'm to hood I mite be don't give a damn whatcha think about me, say I'm a goon dats me I don't give a damn wat u think about me nigga

[Verse 2:]

This where you find the most snitches an most guns four lil partnas rite now on da run

Half of the city felons otha half got warrants club stay swole erre first of tha month

If you ain't got fire you bet not stunt hood cut through came through tha front been there alright ge

T mo attention in the dumps no shirt pants saggin with big chump if it ain't top of the line I don't want dat blunt

Kicked in the trap came through the front jack boys ridin tryna find wat they want balled last night 4gs wen I spun

Police fuckin with me betta bring his lunch cause if he get behind mii then I'm gon stunt 4 54 on

Tha hood will run cause I'm from the hood and this is how it's done


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