Plies - Made Myself A Boss

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I made my muthafuckin' self a boss (x4)

Ain't none of these niggas goin' to put me on

I made my mother fucking self a boss

Now me and my mother fucking team strong

I made my mtthafuckin' self a boss


Late nights on late nights

I did whateva to get the checks right

Told u niggas I was gone take flight

Been out here with the grey whites

Off full throttle yall sleepin' in

Sun coming up I’m just comin' in

Ain't fakin' now wasn’t fakin' then

Nigga askin' me where I been

Hustlin', grindin', ballin', shinin'

Fuck around and got my chips up

After that I got bossed up

I’ma boss nigga doin' boss things

I’m my own boss no boss man

Ion owe a nigga shit


(Verse 2)

Grind mode I been gettin' it baby

All hustle ain't been sleepin' lately

I want the money bitch fuck the conversation

Pussy niggas my motivation

Where ya was when I was broke bih

Where ya was when ain't have shit

Where ya was when I was on the bottom

Where ya was when ain't have a dollar

Now ain't got no worries bih

Now I got my own shit

Go getter for sure nigga

Got mine out the mud bih

Self paid self made

Since a youngie been self raised

Ion owe a bih shit


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