Plies - Fuck Me lyrics

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Ft. Pleasure P


I'm on a whole 'notha level when it come to this bedroom shit

I want ya all the way out there with me or nun'

I wanna lay on my bike and look up at ya

While you're ridin' that dick and squeeze yo ass

And push on that pressure

I want you on all four with that Archie bike

I wanna lift my finger and wet that pussy befo I go up in it

Now go again, that pressure from the bike

I want you turn around, look at me and talk with that shit

And throw that pussy like ya mad at me

I just wanna know


Girl, can you fuck me the right way?

Fuck me the right way? Fuck me the right way?

Don't spoil yo moment, bay-bae

Fuck me the right way? Fuck me the right way?

Don't spoil yo moment, baby

I just wanna know you want it babe

There are some things I wanna say

Tell yo pain, so whachya lemme show ya baby

Go fuck me the right way!

(Verse: Plies)

I like my hands low but I want it extra sloppy

Yo pwussy wet, then rub it on my body

Yo fuck so good, you might be 'lluminati

Actin' up right now just thinkin' bout it

This pussy fire, remind me of Kobe

Pussy wet, remind me of tsunami

You can slow it down but baby keep it comin'

I'mma grad them shoulders so it ain't no runnin'

I wanna rub ya soft, I wanna fuck you hard

I want a long dick, you need all yo _______(?)

If that pwussy bitin', I'mma moan on ya

I wanna pull it out and then skeet on ya

Yea, ya heard me right, I wanna ski on ya

I can wipe it off, but I wanna leave it on ya

That pwussy really everythang to me

After all or nun', I'mma fall on ya


(Verse 2: Plies)

I wanna feel the fall like you're the ceremony

Lay on the side, so you can throw it on me

I saw them titties right, I'm gettin' super horny

You my raw package, I'mma kiss it on it

Betta slap yo ass, I wanna pull you out

I wanna hold yo legs up and take it out

I wanna lay ya down, fuck you everywhere

That pwussy feel so good, wish I could nut it now

When I back up out ya, want ya to pull me in

Grab my face, want you to do it again

Ya say ya feel ya neck, lemme catch it then

Bite and scratch on me, fuck it then

I pick ya up and give the dick right

Pwussy against the wall so you can feel the pipe

Hell lotta yea, I want you screamin'

Just let me know I'm gettin' the pwussy right


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