Plies - Dayum!

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I'm the muthafuckin' nigga in yo city, nigga

And in mine, I tat and hope it lead me long

Nigga, I only fuck with dimes

These niggas treading hoes, makin' me take my posts down

Since you be impeded, pussy nigga, I'mma fuck her now

To hell with niggas money, gettin' funny, let their bitches go

Long story short, stay in yo lane, can't afford the whole

Loud smoking dope, I'm in the back, I'm all duffled up

Take the hole and told 'em I'm on my way, I'm finna weather up

Too many niggas bite now, had to switch up on the jeweler

Pwussy bout the same white, had to switch up on the muller

Ridin' in that seven Deuce, big brother was in the Buick

Yo ass in trouble, swear to God I'm gettin' ya shooters

Ride to that hot warmer, muthafuckin' hot boy

Lil nigga in a big body, bitch just look like Shaq, huh?

Tear drops in yo face and you ain't killed, now what the tats for?

Blue an M in one day, that's what you called a sack, boy

Might do me a free show, send the money straight to me

Lloyd, neva met the nigga, I just like to keep it G

Long nigga be ballin' and dogs be at the roller six

Balling like a muthafucka, but you ain't search yo dawg share

Uh! That's a muthafuckin' nigga fo' ya

I'mma keep fuckin' these bitches, takin' pictures fo' ya

First day you come home, I bought a chicken fo' ya

Ain't talkin' Poppeyes, I'm talkin' 36 stallions

The only nigga made 20 Ms and ain't neva did a summer jam

No disrespect that New York City bitch

But I blew without summer jam

That's a scheming nigga slamming me and slam his damn self

100 grand in my pocket, nigga I'll beat yo lil ass half to death

Chopper gang see 'er, nigga, hands on Mayweather level

_____(?) told me, you can't show love to these pussies

If you eva, ever, ever, ever, eva try me

Swear to god I'll stack a bible, pussy better kill me

By the time security got to me, he was already sleep

I done got back onstage and start doing me

Heard they sneak dissing now, I got the grand on fleet

Gettin' that work, pussy nigga, tell me what you see

Betta aim to your ten stacks, it ain't more than me

You ain't really eat, nigga, you need to grind more than me

Y'all pussies got me out here, boy

I'm right at home when I'm out here, boy

Two thangs in this world I ain't see

And that's an UFO, nigga, and a bitch that I need

These niggas want me take an L so bad and

I look at it shit and ain't need help

Ask the otha day damn, why you so mad?

I told 'em come on, lil dawg, I'm just tryna get fat, damn

I'm celebrating, popping bottles, holme

If you ain't tryna fuck, I don't want you in my section, holmes

Say she faned and she pregnant, bitch

I told 'er, ain't no pregnant, bitch

Ain't no Hollywood ass nigga, I'm a project ass nigga

Like ten years ago I was 100 grand nigga

Got the face that is flippin' like two damn sound nigga

I'm up at Dennis talking shit, I'm eatin' the grand slam, nigga

Real recognize real, and y'all niggas don't look familiar

She say a pwussy always good bitch

Like a sweet pwussy sayn it, nigga

This shit equipped when I was a puppy, now I'm a full grown dawg

I bought all brand new, I leave my old shit in the mall

She said she ain't fuckin' none, I said, bitch don't even call

I payed my own self, get y'all my own bars, yeah

If the pwussy good, talk to me

If you a pwussy, you can't walk with me

Got some money, nigga, shine with me

My day 1's won't talk with me

It's one in the mornin', my old bitch callin'

She tell me what I'm doin'

I take a dike bitch ballin'

We from the club with the top off

I'm just tryna get more rocks off

Swear I'll lock you if you want it, nigga

And get yo pussy ass knocked off

I'm just walkin' round this muthafucka lookin' like a king

Y'all hatin' ass niggas lookin' like an OZ

I done played the offense, nigga, y'all played the D

In the guts ____(?) done I blew 300 in the C


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