Plies - crunk monkey

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We be getting’ crunked up in the club

Crunk, crunk monkey faces don’t chase

Crunk, crunk monkey people ball till they fall

Crunk, crunk monkey and they be putting straight goose

I be tellin’ ya 2 B sizzle dat tell dat monkey to jump his *ss back on my back

Feelin’ up and crumpy sacks Crunk monkeys all around everybody grab a drank

Dis is the ATL creek I can’t help my shoulders back I ain’t never scared to act the fool get off my stool get out my pool n**** Eastside forwardise via des dools it ain’t no

Brand new taste Get that classy classy This ain’t no blue mother f***** mostly I ain’t scared cause I do mother F***** Yeah I said I ain’t scared cause I dyin’ to wat eva U cant see me N 3D cause yall aint on my level


Yow en I ride dat 85 my music is loud Wen I despite D spitches wat I do is my business

Runnin’ at nights and everything I’m feelin’ invisible I’m yhe fresh prince of the south and everyday is my mission And wen I been hit the streets I C sum B****** to hear my voice south, south G.A. gurl I’m sippin’ yo coy I been hit the streets and dey been seen me I’m the boi N D bak wit dat crunk monkey

Ride to die take dem boys 2 D stage get the coe s*** and the coe grill and witness my

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Thanks to brandon cruse

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