Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet - The Meantime

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Hold on

Hold out

Your day's full

Ok, that's fine

I don't mind

The meantime

You've got your things to do

Places you

Have to go

So and so

I don't mind the meantime

If I could count

From then til now

I'd count too high

I can't help but think about the meantime

Saving time

Spending it poorly

I've been pretty foolish in

The meantime

If what comes next is

So damn precious

Why should I mind

What you're doing meanwhile?

Lately I've been

Lost in thought

Around the clock

Hands are flying and

I can tell you're running out of meantime

Now I know it's over too quick

Got my finger on

Where it's all gone

Don't look back 'cause I won't be there

I don't have anymore to spare

It's all mine!




Thanks to lisa0792 for these lyrics

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