Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet - The Local Black And Red

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Sitting in your room,

Drinking your perfume,

Wondering which day of the week

I'll die on now,

I'm lying on your bed,

Unscrewing your head,

Trying to figure out

What's wrong, inside,

So you don't hate yourself tonight, yeah

So now you fall asleep,

Inside a tambourine,

Next to broken headphones

& your high school yearbook

I wrote on the final page,

Wish I could've stayed around

to watch the last band play, hey hey hey,

I heard they just broke up yesterday..

Frequenting the local black & red,

& how that band played

you really had to stare,

you'd hardly be aware

that you were blinking,

you'd hardly be aware

that you were blinking yeah....

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