Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet - Demon Daughters

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Here come the swooping hawks down blocks we've all forgotten

Clutching old friends in their talons

Down from the sky to the way back of his mind

To pick it clean, to leave nothing behind

They go from high school to high class to higher than highnesses

They're casting spells can't you tell we're helpless

Hard to recover for the dusty antique lover

But for one thing there is always another

Demon daughter they're all partners

Heads together summon their fathers

And all hell's fury judge and jury

You better hurry get him off his back

All the red, red eyes are up in the sky

And the figures they belong to are preparing to dive

Yeah they were fast as the speed of light whistling by me

And they took him down it was ever so gently

Demon daughters so hot and bothered

Burning irons don't get much hotter

It boils up his head all over his bed

You better hurry get him off his back

I found him under a mountain of blankets

And he was shaking it's what they fostered

A child a monster

His head looked crooked

Then shook and shattered you bastards!

You hatched her! You hatched her!

So they have finally broken

That pumping organ

Playing old numbers on it again

Something dark and true

We all can sing to I know the chorus

Now my brain's turned black!

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