Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet - 1St Things 1St

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You should get your story straight before I start to doubt it

Cuz if you've worn your lipstick off, I want to hear about it

And telling me would be such a breeze, tell me if you want to leave

I think I'm getting the drift

You want some time with your friends

On the nights and weekends

You take the time for yourself

Both of us used to spend

Before you make it better

Before you make it worse

First things first

I don't think it's an accident you treat me like a dummy

Hold on, Hold on

I've been asking for the truth at least just tell me something

Hold on, Hold on

And telling me would be such a breeze

Let me know, don't let me be

It's almost too easy

I'm holding you by the hand

More like the nape of your neck

Why don't you draw up a list you have to frequently check?

And put some things in order

And lose it in your purse

First things First

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