Pencey Prep

Pencey Prep - 8th Grade

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Caught staring again

Like a deer in the headlights

When I can't move fast enough

I take a hit for the team

Pretty girl is blushing

I can't tell if she's disgusted

Laughter starts to swell

Like someone gets the joke

Bell rings

I make my escape

It helps a little

But doesn't save

Beat down's a common thing

It happens every day

Maybe I'm just strange

Cause I don't change schools

Maybe I like the abuse

Or maybe I'm just like you

Another confrontation

You've got something to prove

Your girl can't tell how tough you are

When you beat me up in the boy's room

I made a big mistake

But I can't help who I like

This may not cost my life

But I am branded forever lame

This was not my decision

You were born with good looks

And a solid right hook

Whining makes no difference

You bruised my eye

It doesn't hurt at all

One day I'll rise above

And you will take a fall

I may be beat today

But I will survive

I'll get up off the ground

Stand tall and fight

My eyes don't hurt at all

I would rather die

Than be your whipping boy

School year's almost over

Summer is one day closer

As God is my witness

I will never be a victim again

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