Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel (real name Patrick Maurice Benguigui) was born on May 14, 1959 in Tlemcen, Algeria. In 1962, his parents divorced & he followed his mother in Argenteuil, France. In 1975, Patrick got a revelation when he saw his idol Michel Sardou at Paris' Olympia. In 1978, he got his Baccalauréat & worked for Club Med. The same year, a friend found an advert in "France Soir" : Patrick was called by director Alexandre Arcady & played his first role in "Le Coup De Sirocco". In 1981, Patrick released his first single "Vide" but success came 2 years later with "Marre De Cette Nana-Là".
Patrick continued playing in films like "PROFS" & "Attention Bandits". In 1989, he released his second album Alors Regarde. There started the "Bruelmania". He spent the 90's between music, films & poker & he came back in 2002 with an album including covers of old songs : Entre-Deux. In 2003, his first son Oscar was born & Patrick married Amanda Sthers. In 2005, his second son Léon was born. In 2006, Patrick composed every song of his album Des Souvenirs Devant.