There are more than a band with this name:

  1. Original Parachute was founded as a project in 2000 in Germany with a focus on experimental ambient drone sounds and music room and worked his musical roots are the result of krautrock minimal ambient drones and soundscapes which Thomas cones and past electronic music Morton Feldman Klaus Schulze John Cage, etc. ... Team members are c_drive and triPhaze The official site of Parachute is on private electromagnetic record company

  2. Parachute (former Sparky's Flaw) is a five-member pop band hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, currently signed to Mercury Records The band's first major label release "Losing Sleep debuted exclusively at iTunes in May 2009 was formerly known as Parachute VA band slAppt "VA" förjuridiska reasons band members are Anderson, Kit French Johnny Stubblefield Alex Hargrave and Nate McFarland has toured over the past two years and has shared the stage with the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift among others