Papoose - What The Fuck Is A Papoose

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DJ Kay Slay, the Drama King

I'm in the building wit' my nigga Papoose

And all y'all rap niggaz know you can't fuck around

All you hear all day

Papoose this, Papoose that

Who is this guy man?

Who is Papoose?

His presence alone is a threat to these rap groups

This cat's loose, yo what the fuck is a papoose?

I heard his street soldiers is wild and clap troops

This cat's loose, yo what the fuck is a papoose?

I heard him on a mixtape tearin' the track loose

What the fuck is a papoose?

I'm the number one rapper ready for challengers

Who the fuck calculated your algebra?

My ineffiecient, unfascinated ambassadors

I'm the first king, them faggots dated your calendar

Rappin' since my forefather ejaculated in Africa

Way ahead of headline, agentators and characters

Heads like yours get decapitated in anarca

Prison's uncaptivated the wilder 'cause

Guns run in my family, even got gats related to silencers

Cop chasers assasinatin' my stanima

Load guns like computers so I activated my caliber

Killers walk around dirty, when the gun blast

I'll give 'em lead showers, make 'em take a bloodbath

To blow trial, 1-8-7 is thug math

Real thugs laugh and hawk spit in the judge' glass

In jail CO's walk around like zookeepers

My niggaz been to the ??? more than a schoolteacher

Broke the court's law, I threw a brick off the fourth floor

Outweighed cops, I'm harcore, they softcore

Four walls, my gun-game is raw dog

While y'all shootin' videos I'm shootin' .44's

Life achiever, lifetime life achiever

And I use flames from hell to ignite my cheeba

It's never been nothin' pretty when I light this heater

If God don't like ugly, I don't like him neither

niggaz quick to flip, claimin' they run wit' a killer click

They be flippin' scripts, callin' police and givin' tips

Click the fifth when the last nigga snitched (*click-click*)

You would've thought he swallowed semen

The way I had him shittin' bricks

Judges want to sit on they butts and rule other brothers

So I show the butt of my gun and more cops suffer

My platoon rocks suckers, you dudes cop lovers

In your boombox, whose rock, Boondocks knuckles

East, West, niggaz know me when I'm holdin' the mic

Got them down south niggaz sayin' "Wodie you nice!"

Time's apployal, a prophet could define tommorrow

Knowledge is food for thought so I wisely swallow

Never say never mind, so respect the mind that got you

Forever clever mind, so the nevermind we bobble

Is it me or nowadays everybody macho

New Jack hustlers, niggaz called Pabey Pancho

But we're strong, I've been coppin' so long

We on a first name basis, so now I call Pabey, Pablo

And I don't leave leads for F.B.I. to follow

41 shot's, leave me like that guy Dialo

Say bullets don't got a name but I sign these hollows

Y'all niggaz is suicide, we homo(homocide)

Keep a Y.G. model, if I get put in a coma don't supply me sorrow

Pour hennessey in my I.V. bottle

'Cause I represent everything in existence trying to grow

Yo what the fuck is a papoose?

I don't know

I bet you motherfuckers know

What the fuck a papoose is now!

Bitch ass niggaz, let's go!

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