Papoose - What Makes Me Me

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(Uhn) the nacirema dream the album

It's getting closer y'all

MCs put your thinking caps on

2007 is mine

What makes me me

Cause I dropped 17 CDs

Or the way I been make me a g

What makes you you

Is it cause you stay true to your crew

Or it's just because you do what you do

What makes me the king

Is it the way I'm holding it down

Or it's just because I'm wearing a crown

The man makes the money money never makes the man

I'm just trinna help you niggas understand

What makes me me

Talking on the tellie straight driving the legal

Rear view mirrors is clean so I can see you

Yellow lights I speed up so I can speed through

Red monkey junkie now rockin the

Undershirt inthermal shirt rockin the mink too

I hate the cold weather we the tropical people

After the nacirema yea I'm dropping a sequel

A rider like evel knievel

If my life depended on my album would I be alive

Y'all gon execute me or y'all gon let me survive

If my freedom depended on it you witnessed the crime

You gon keep it gangsta or you gon testify

Had your last 20 dollas you love to get high

My album or a bag of weed which one you gon buy

I brought a chair in the booth while I'm spittin this rhyme

Cause I know if I stand up I'm a loose my mind

So I'm a just sit calm like good times

The jeffersons different strokes and family ties

Want of my mans was In the crib eatin some chick

She didn't tell him my other man got a key to her shit

This nigga walked in the crib squeezin his fif

He killed my homie in his sleep I'm a leave you with this

You can end up slumped over asleep in a ditch

When you don't use your head and think with your dick (uhn)

The hood taught me in the backwards way

I was addicted to the way the guns blast away

Started totin hammers hennesy and alisai

Then I realized all of my idols passed away

In the fast life looking for a faster way

That's the main reason why I'm getting cash today

Had to start all over but I still made a profit

Cause niggas who got rich I was right where they started

I ain't mind starting off like the nigga with bread

I'll follow the path long as I ain't bein misslead

Sink this in your head

I'd rather starve like a man who's alive then end up like a man who's dead

My path is unwalked my craft is bloodsport

I can school your whole class with one thought

Fight for my homie his challenge is unfought

Bang for equality blast the gun (uhn)

They say his album came out trash it's your fault

Am I the 4th quarter assassin of course

Now you acting like you passin your torch

I guess you must think I'm a ass of some sort

You ain't never gave me half the support

That I deserve from you bastards I brought

Lyricism back with classics I

From a to z then went backwards I storched

Set fire to they asses I fought

Went to the south as if the traffic up north

Niggas act as if my math is untaught

That's a portion not half you dumb short dumb short dumb short dumb short

Thanks to Matty Horsman for these lyrics

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