Papoose - True To This Shit lyrics

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True To This Shit

Don't give ME NO LIP, I got my hand on that MENO GRIP

Papoose packing strong carrying THREE FOUR FIFTH's

Nobody move I'm a roll it off your FEET ON THIS

Head crack head crack CEE-LO SIX

Don't start no shit won't BE NO QUIT

If you stuttered or not is going to BE SOME BITCH

Stop telling me what kind of deal HE GOIN GET

That nigga drool on the track dog HE DON'T SPIT

You niggaz copy my style on some KINKO SHIT

Your two shots on some FREE THROW SHIT

One minute these rappers hungry the next minute HE SO RICH

Til you give him a knuckle sandwich make him EAT YO FIST


Your album was a brick like a KILO BITCH

I don't understand what kind of niggaz HE ROLL WIT

You keep getting robbed and you don't know who THIEFED YO SHIT

How you think your man got up on his FEET SO QUICK

You God damn dummy it BE YO CLICK

Heard them niggaz crept up on you on some LILO SHIT

Emptied on your whole ride swiss CHEESED YO WHIP

He emptied his whole gun and you ain't SQUEEZE YO SHIT

A nigga empty on me better RELOAD QUICK

His stomach louder then his mouth when he SPEAK THOU FLIP

Cause we don't FEED NO SNITCH

The DA think SHE SO SLICK, A conniving and EVIL CHICK

Talking about the RICO law INCREASE THOSE RISK

If papi throw'em I'm a KEEP THOSE BRICKS

And motherfuck the RICO law you outta suck my BICHO BITCH

Gold diggers they don't wanna give a G NO KISS

When you get money they ready to DRINK YO PISS

I lost one of them broads to some MENO TRICK

Heard he be taking her out on CASINO TRIPS

Get her hair done bout to cop a MENO WHIP

Every other day he give her about THREE FOUR CHIPS

I guess that's why she don't want to be with ME NO SHIT

All I gave her was hard dick and CHICO STICKS

I'll carry my own work if I don't SEE NO CHICK

There ain't a ass that could CHEEK ALL THIS

The real recognize the real when WE SAW KISS

Papoose get straight love from Jada like HE WILL SMITH

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