Papoose - To The Right (Irreplaceable Remix) lyrics

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To the right, to the right...remix, re-mix

To the right, to the right... Papoose, Pa-poose

To the right, to the right

Everything you own in the box to the right

Four in the morning, you was going all night

Out with your friends, then why your jeans so tight

Flounder fish, scrambled eggs and cheese

Quigger-o-grits, pass the butter please

Tropicana juice, nothing you can't make

Aunt Jamima syrup over my pancakes

A good cook but how much can a man take

Behind my back you make the next man a plate

Emilio Pucci, Loui Viton, Gucci

Cucci riders all up on your cucci

Doce&Gabbana, Angie Cobalara

Victoria Secret, too good for Prada

She get fly but I cant stay with her

Behind my back you fly for the next nigga

Having phone sexo on every phone call

Ride my dick, paddled my balls

Hit the front thing till the thing get soft

Do it from the bed to the floor

When i give to her hard she smile

Soft she frown.

Do it doggie style with froggie style

But do your thing I aint never gonna hate on you

But don't be acting like you Irreplaceable

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Uhh

To the right, to the right

My nigga K-slace and them chicks to the right

Yeah, uh... To the right, to the right

Trigga happy pappi send them chicks to the right

Yeah, to the right, to the right

I got a studio if you wanna rock my mic

Yeah, to the right, to the right

I spend the night if you wanna turn off the lights

Papoose...its a nasorina dream yall

Money in the air (money in the air)

Bottles everywhere

Yeah, double cation is Here

07 now Yeah!!!!

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