Papoose - The Hope Freestyle lyrics

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I'm capitalizing with DjWill

Zip like back scales and yay hills

The baker saw the Tyrans,

Tom Shaffurd make pills.

Talent on the leave, add bill,

Use i to take pills.

Use them painkiller to kill pain,

'cause pain kills.

Some say they came in this industry just to make bills.

Money don't move me, I came here to display skills.

Wanna talk money, you niggers had about eight deals.

Still can't pass me, my first one was a straight mill.

Evidently I shot you, I ain't miss you if you stay still.

The 9Mac help me, I got an automatic that ain't ill.

Lead poison kids who went to school, but ain't chill.

Espectoes come out of the wall as soon as the pink pill.

The joovie case probation, they go away, still.

You ain't go to Juvenile Hall, you can't stay chill.

Impersonate your officers, niggers shuld show a fake chill.

Book you for your work and your wheel money, you ain't real.

The mike turn table, assassin, who let the base build?

Play fear, I never eat nothing I ain't kill.

Strong arm shooters, armed shooters and sharp robbers,

Al Pacino-Primo, the new DeNiro, The Godfather.

World war empire, the Luciana yo' boy Trauma.

Mean O.G., money to Keisha, when they started the carter.

Castelano giving out orders from mammas hair parlor.

Kidnap, torture, decapitation, it's all common.

Leatherface, Jason and Freddy, all of my songs horror.

Godzilla, King-Kong, Hellraizer, the Bombmonster.

Wearing a full metal jacket, chest and armor,

Gun in the cup, hold the soldier next to the car charger,

Legal system set up to simply deli the top modest.

Innocent kids doing time for Central Park jogglers.

Break skinny nigger who armed wrestled the strong armers.

Fast shoot strings leap patches and leather dog bombers,

Chew like the point ...

Man, I hardly know if I'm Japanese, Sayonara!

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