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When I’m in Miami, when I’m in Atlanta

The radio sound like I’m in Miami

When I’m in New York the radio sound like I’m in Miami

So you feel like now my response to that is

Miami currently, Atlanta currently

Is making better music, musically than New York

Let me explain something to you

Them dudes is in power

Because y’all putting them in power

I’ve been fighting in spikes

Came off tour my mic was on

Me and Ebro been having this dialogue

Even though they play a major part in each way

We can’t blame it all on the DJs

Cause when New York slows down

I play the side like a G

Waited my turn but learned it down to the T

Other New York artists change they bop to a bounce

Started snappin they fingers

Like they was from the south

Out of towners come in town

They just tag along

Apart of the entourage playing chaperone

A bunch of escorts

Got yo mains with you

Niggers do anything for an Instagram picture

But it’s bigger than them and us

I warned y’all on charade

The hip hop tops was tryna finish us

Play some boom back take the melodies off

It’s the concrete jungle we can never be soft

We should not be playing 2Chainz

We should not be playing Ross all the time

We should not be playing Drake

We should not be playing Drake

We should not be playing Lil Wayne

I ain’t sayin that

I’m sayin we shouldn’t be following Su

We should be dictatin something

We should be dictatin for them to play some shit

Cause they dictatin what we play

Out here I sit back and I hear the radio

They like oh this is hot in Atlanta

New joint, hot I never heard it before

This is crazy in Atlanta boom

I do hate that phrase

And I’m like yo this ain’t Atlanta

This ain’t Atlanta

Yeah four gold albums

One platinum black, still shining

I get my record hot they try to tell me keep grinding

Live in Miami, how I’m supposed to get some spins there?

The first thing they say

Is New York spinning it there?

We don’t support our own

Records ain’t hot enough

Towards the artists with the budgets

Guess they got the hottest stuff

We pull the support independent artists

We proud of our city and stop playing this garbage

When we first came out this heavy wasn’t relevant

Puff was killin the agenda

Walk towards gold was evident

I ain’t trying to live off my past accolades

But nowadays music get looked over

Every new nigger hear their new song with me already

But my love in the city dead, obituary

Fuck it it’s the support good music

I ain’t talkin Kanye-ing them

I’m talkin Kay Slay-ing ‘em

Bust Rhymes, Nore and Ghost

Cam’Rayin em

When we down there

Them niggers don’t give a fuck about New York

If you ain’t knowin one of they joints

They ain’t supportin it

You ain’t getting no New York nigger out here

For dolo and his shit poppin

Look, if there’s good music being made

It’s gonna get a look, right?

That’s how your music gets on

That’s how ASAP is poppin right now

You know, but at the same time

If there’s shitty music being made

Or it’s sounding basic or regional and it’s not poppin

Streets not poppin

Look at the last few years it’s count

Most up north artists who made it

Had to sign to an artist from the south

That makes me scratch my head

Why the legends from up north

Left all the up and coming for dead?

Why is it that Eminem had to sign 50?

When everybody knew

He had the town in his frenzy

Ross had to come up north for Meek Millie

Wayne signed Cory Jae Millz and Iggy

When Jay-Z came up he piggy backed Biggie

Why he ain’t never pushed no artist from his city?

Ain’t hatin every man gotta put in they own work

I’m just pointin out the facts

Been doing my homework

They don’t judge an artist by his excellence

Everybody only know one word relevant

Expand your vocabulary

When the real artist shit drop

Cause the word relevant is really killin hip-hop

This goes out to every city big or small

Support up north like we support y’all

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