Papoose - Overpass lyrics

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Straight out the golden era, the only fellow who know the craft

Death poet, locked in a dark room with a photograph

Revenge karma, blood stains and broken glass

Speeding off the scene of a drive-by, the stolen Jag

Shooter, wait till the train pass, blow the mag

Couldn’t hear the shots, they shot him under the overpass

White collar criminal, mad dollar, just know the math

Check buster, leaving your bank account on overdrive

Competition numerous, find ‘em funny, throwing trash

Laughing at these rappers on tracks, them niggas know the laugh

Work out regiment, work excellent, show the abs

Wooly peps, 3P side step, throw the jab

Drink easy, Jesus, God bless me, I’m sober fast

Alcohol level the same level that Noah had

Street knowledge scholar of academics that no one has

School of Hard Knox, I’m the principle, you should go to class

This New York rap, subway riders, what blue New York has

Eat a bagel, pissed on a platform and cross tracks

Only thing I need is a quarter to take your girl black it

But a number to the payphone, tell her to call back

Stick up kid, stuck up the number, running for four stacks

Left him with a penny like the Magic when they lost check

One way ticket to hell but I’mma walk back

I could battle Satan in hell, somebody call Smack

Product of environments, call that power of combat

Defeat of a home invasion, stand on your welcome doormat

Contract killer who quick to put out a contract

Put more bands on your head than that LeBron cat

Bullets that explode in your nervous system on contact

The whip open up from the top like a new four pack

Freedom fighting militant, AK with the arms strapped

You ain’t nice lyrically, seriously, you should fall back

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