Papoose - Open Letter lyrics

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I’m making my game, I’m making my game, I’m making my game , I’m making my game

Ladies and gentlemen,

Papoose, papoose

I turn some for damage

Hot .. the stage with no hamer

I did it right in front of the camera

Shaves, wave a ..

Damn you don’t understand this

Will you too nights they try to ... you?

Boy from the hood but God make life clearest

Sorry yo I’m agree with your ...


Put trick away

Damn , you want a letter nigga shine

Fine I’ll take another artist at time

I’m might land off like I’m ..

Pop-pop-pop clap I keep it ..

This what I don’t give ,I take, I got a..

I don’t’ care what you are ..

You making me a .. you fucking ..

Step on the stage with .. on my feet

Starting to going in as soon as I hear the beat go to get me ...

You won’t need this shit any way, just chair with me in the streets

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