Papoose - Nosetalgia lyrics

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K Slay what up

Rest in peace throne

Ay yo Slay sometimes is good to go to war

It helps to get rid of the bad blood

Now I'm talking bout I feel like I was reborn on these niggers man

The streets is mine

If you fuck with niggers I don’t fuck with I don’t fuck with you

Now it’s all between us whatcha wanna do

What? I got beef with nigger who be acting like they fly

If I ever catch’em sleeping Imma shoot’em to the sky

In the club every night you see the same bitches

The same outfits the same frown niggers

In paranoia homey true that

Your car pulling on I’ll be like who dat?

Fucking with a nigger just because he getting money

That’s what a bitch do, I find it kinda funny

If this money slow down you get thirsty and split

Just stay low you, man that mean you worst in the bed

From Brooklyn just like Biggie who did it yeah that’s my city

Become like DJ Dizzy-Dazzy from Harlem like Diddy

A bunch of brand new CD believe me that shit is silly

Appreciate your hard work, really thanks for the Frisbee

Support a nigger’s buckers a coupe players is iffy

Like he Lakers almost died when Kobe broke his Achilles

The remix to Versace, Versace drop it quickly

I got busy some even say I did it better than Drizzy

Niggers in the hood still scheming they messed up

In the stall full of skull they crashed up

Face full of scratches when you crash that glass cut

When this beef pass down guns they passed

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