Papoose - Mobbin

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Feat. Troy Ave(Intro)

Real niggas, we’re back with style

Miss Chucker, its true end


Fifty deepin the club, nigga we mobbin’

Stick up keys with me, killer with me, we mobbin’

Fuck out guestless we go mine regardless

M.O.B.B.I.N.G we mobbin’,

Even broke my connect with me, we mobbin’

Homies whenever set with me, we mobbin’

But in Settles, bitches in red bottoms

M.O.B.B.I.N.G we mobbin’,


Couple niggas out here buzzin’, I’m ‘bout to buzz with ‘em

Yeah they say his cousin be buggin’, he’ll hit his cause wills

Hallos make ‘em fill like they top

He got them drugs in ‘em

Less shower, black bad, hit in the towel with ‘em

So this girl ridin’ or dyin’

She in love with him

They say only God could judge, she getting’ judge, damn

Sensitive thugs need hugs, I ain’t fuck with ‘em

Right after I hugger my slugger, you gonna get hug with ‘e,

On the back this murder shit homie, I grow up in it

Ever since I’ve been in fifth grade, man I’ve been drug dealin’

Niggas try to tell me to chill, motherfucker chillin’

If he tell me to chill then he ain’t have no thug in him

No hush shoes or red bottle like she got blood in ‘em

Stopin’ me holdin’ your ass, pussy mug in ‘em

I’m gettin’ high with the dudes, smokin’ bum with ém

What you eat with ‘em niggas, why you grab with ‘em



Mobbin’, money over bitches, be the mobbin’

Made mine game mobbin’ my freedom, what’s will lied us?

When you got cracks spass, you get mines

How ‘bout 2 box bout Jack mabs, really nigga

Young really nigga,w orkin’ tour that milli nigga

If you ain’t about that paper, you won’t fuckin’ feel me nigga

Glue fifty chain in the summer, worked with my mamma

Before we banz with that hummer, we bought that butter

Boy will put the oil then you hit it with that cold

I will use a microwave and hold til that will stores

I’mma eat you STL, eat our hustle

No times for banz, no silly hoers and bustards

I bust your moves, you can trust me

Sure y’all get in the city, it’s true busters

No piece, except on the car, you see the sun?

Go piece, flattin’ and stone

You’ll see me shine


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