Papoose - Michael Jackson lyrics

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Ft. Remy Ma & Ty Dolla Sign

(Hook: Dollar Sign)

Dollar Sign

She told me, shut up, shut up nigga, don’t speak

But she get on top of me, she do it so sweet

She take it hot, she take it low, she do it slow

She on that Jenny Jackson and she take control

I know the demons on my mind, she screamin’- screamin’

Bitch it’s like banana so I eat it, eat it

She just give me what I want because I need it, need it

I’m in that Michal Jackson shit, I wanna beat it, beat it


I love my wife, I need my wife

I swear she the only one in my life

She took my fool, she clean my clothes

I’mma sage her feet and kiss her toes

Her friends get mad, they say I’m buggin’

But fuck that, I only got eyes for one women

I had girls before but it wasn’t the same

Cuz she my wife, she got my last name

When she out of town, I text his wak

She face timin’ so I can see where she at

Her friends get mad, they don’t understand

But they just mad cuz they ain’t got no man

Gettin’ what she want, my wife is spoil

Cuz she my wife and my wife is loyal

Misses Mackie, your husband just do you

We don’t ruin your family, my family royal

(Hook: Dollar Sign)

(Verse: Remy Ma)

I love ma man, I need ma man

Ain’t nobody more important than I am

And I don’t really want that people to understand

Til you hit got beef then I got him

See, we don’t smell and he don’t do this

Change the IG just kilograms

But he pose all my picture, see in this fam

Got bullet and they still screamin’ on my man

Like look the panorama, she was in the cam

And he hold me down, your man don’t even hold your hand

Damn those whores ain’t even got one chance

Cuz it’s not like I’m always right but too wrong in his eyes I can’t

I roll play, I’ve been stripin’ and he throw me banz

Ask personally groopi, he don’t really need no fans

I put around the crib, all day, no brought, no pants

She tell me please stay on my wip like we are friends

(Hook: Dollar Sign)

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