Papoose - Law Library Part 4 lyrics

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Intro: Papoose

If your fam locked up and you sick of the law.

Take these bars to the visiting flaw.

Hurry up before they imprison us all.

Welcome to Law Library. Part 4.

Verse 1: Papoose

Homicide. Put down your gun for a while.

If it's a full moon listen to sun for a while.

The definition of homicide is the conduct

that causes the death of another person or a unborn child.

I send these words to a mother if her sons on trial.

Food for thought. No more chow.

If you intend to cause physical injury to a person and you kill em.

Thats not a murder thats a lesson charged sub-division.

1 Paragraph A. We should all learn this.

If you catch a body under emotional disturbance.

That does not constitute murder. So you gotta chance.

Cause it constitutes a medicating circumstance.

Temporary insanity if your lawyer is in order.

You could have a murder charge reduced to a man-slaughter.

Cop out to a dime 15 years shorter.

Or you could end up with a quarter. To life.


Life Liiiife.

Life Liiiiiife.

Liiife Liiiiiiife.

Liiife Liiiiiiife.x2

Verse 2: Papoose

You just a pawn. I ain't talking about where you sell your jewelery.

Or a small lake where water be flowing fluidly.

Life is like a game of chess.

My next move'll be? Law Library Part 4.

Cause truthfully, a person getting murdered or killed.

Nothing new to me. Kids reaching for guns before they reach puberty.

But whether its me shooting you....or you shooting me.

Its still black on black crime. Where is the unity?

Homicide police swarming through the community.

They locking up you and me.

Cause they only gotta prove 3 things to get a conviction

Follow through with me. Thats the motive the intent and the opportunity.

Motive: That mean you had a reason to kill.

Intent: You intended to kill em did it at will.

Opportunity: This the most important and why? They place you at the scene

if you don't give em a alibi.


Verse 3: Papoose

A murder charge doesn't mean defeat.

Some say through the technicalities its the easiest thing to beat.

Follow me through the court system I'm leading you out.

They gotta prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Its an affirmative defense out blatant.

So if you start explaining. Give a reasonable explanation.

Reasonableness of which is to be determined from the viewpoint of a person

in a defending situation.

Suspended license. Crash you'll make your life shorter.

They could charge you with vehicular man-slaughter.

Criminal negligence they both go aside.

They call it criminally negligent homicide.

I'm streetwise. Thats why I give you advice.

So you don't stay incarcerated for your natural life.

My next chapter is to the politicians.

Article 490. Terrorism.

Law Library.

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