Papoose - Keep It Thoro (Freestyle) lyrics

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Oh, y'all niggas killas now? Word?

Catch you comin' out yo fuckin' cribs

Thugger, thuggacation, I always been the most consistent


The garbage truck woke me up

I needed some chips

I held the block so long I fell asleep on the strip

Transportin' to Atlantic city, leavin' em bricks

Gamble at the Tropicana, but I sleep at the Ritz

I had to build a bass box so my speakers could hit

I had to take the soles out so my sneakers could fit

Niggas screamin' sneak dissin', what's the meaning of this?

I diss a nigga to his face, I ain't sneakin' a diss

They a bunch of switch-siders, they don't keep it legit

If you look close enough, you can see when they switch

Anythin' to get ahead, they be treason and shit

But they know they scared to die, don't believe in them pricks

Life's a bitch, then you die, they be singin' that shit

But why you so afraid to lose life, cuz she such a bitch

Even turned down sex, I think with my wits

Cuz my uncle always told me, don't think with yo dick

I got some day one niggas who I'm gon' win with

We keep it real with each other, we don't pretend, bitch

When you don't wanna spool with 'em, fake friends switch

And catch an attitude, that's a lil kid shit

So if you meddle with some shit, you ain't get prick

That mean you was neva my man, lil slick bitch

Everybody can't be a rapper, you nitwit

Whoeva told you you was nice to begin with?

All of my realer fish you homies neva did trip

Cuz there's a million otha ways we can get rich

If I get em a deal, then now they still my friends, bitch

This rap shit don't determine our friendship

On any track, with my feet on the stomp

I'm so nice, I can rap to the beat of their hearts

I realize you ain't thinkin' that smart

Cuz you think we in competition, you ain't even no comp

I heard they wanna leave you sleep in the chomp

Cuz you speakin' on what happens on the streets of New York

You shouldna stuck in mouse business, so I think it's yo fault

You only call me cuz you need a reason to talk

You eva get outta line, then Nina gon' stop

No.1 with a bullet, I ain't speakin' no chalks

I'mma feed him to the wolves, lemme feed him a pot

If the wolves don't eat 'im, then I'm feedin' the sharks

Come to his hood and he wooptie, I don't need a response

Niggas know what time it is when they see the Glock

I burn em I'mma bounce, flee em and duck

Hot gun burning my side like that street in the Bronx

I drop hip-hop weekly, if it's trouble I smell

I'm steppin' to the salt, I could burn a double in hell

If I sense a funny vibe, I'mma double the shells

You got a small clip, my magazine XXL

I keep it thoro, nigga!

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